Wood Farmhouse Bead Decor

Here’s a quick and easy decor project!

I love these farmhouse beads because they are so easy to make and add a gorgeous touch of texture to your decor. There are so many ways to add them to a room. This project is so quick I made it during my son’s nap time!  Let’s get started…

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First you will need:

farmhouse beads our homestead living

Start with the tassel

Make a tassel by wrapping the jute twine around your hand until you reach the thickness you want your tassel to be. I made about 20 wraps.

Next cut another piece of jute and wrap it around the top of your bundle of wrapped jute. Cut through the bottom loops and trim the tassel to make it even.

Wood Farmhouse Beads our homestead living

Cut another piece of jute a little longer than you want your finished string of beads to be. Thread this through the loop of your tassel and knot it to secure it.

Add the beads

Begin threading your beads on, including the tail from your knot. If the end of your jute begins to unravel you can wrap a piece of tape around the end. Roll it so it is narrow and pointy. This acts like a needle and makes stinging the beads easier.

Once you reach the desired length for your string of beads, make another tassel and tie it to the end. Knot it and feed the end back through a couple beads to hide the tail. I used 50 beads on my string.

Now you have a lovely string of farmhouse beads!

Here are some fun ways to add them to your decor!

2 thoughts on “Wood Farmhouse Bead Decor

  1. Love this post. The pictures are perfect and it’s a great concept I’ve never seen before. Your blog is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. As a new blogger, I just wanted to reach out and say: YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! It all looks stellar and you’re doing great! ❤️

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