Why I Love Mondays

I used to dread Mondays like most people do.

It always came too fast and made me miss the weekend. But then I discovered something that changed everything. A system. A routine that made Mondays a blessing to my week.
How can this be possible you might be thinking?? I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t experienced the results myself.

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Let me take you back a little to how I discovered this system.

I have ADHD and like many people with this particular thorn in their side I really struggle with focus, organization and finishing things. It’s so bad and it drives me nuts! I have taken medication for it years ago when I was in college and it helped tremendously. But for many reasons I have since chosen to manage it med free. It’s really been a trial and error of finding ideas, systems and plans that work for me. In 2017 I got the idea that if I own less stuff it will be easier for me to keep things organized. And so far decluttering has really helped. The first book I read to help me purge a good portion of my belonging was The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up by Marie Kondo. I really recommend this book when starting out. It has changed the way I view my belongings and the way I think when deciding if I should buy something.

I needed more than just decluttering my home.

I needed a system to help me navigate through the everyday stuff. So what is this system? A little book called Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley – The FlyLady. Marla has opened my eyes to how powerful and needed routines are. The FlyLady system is built on simple effective daily, weekly and monthly routines. The one that has changed my dread for Mondays is the weekly home blessing.

The weekly home blessing.

The home blessing should only take an hour. It could go faster if you have help or have a small home. I spend about 10 minutes on each task. The goal is to work as fast as you can to get your home spiffed up to bless yourself and your family. And you are not to do detail cleaning. Just get the major dust and large pieces off the floor. Here’s the home blessing tasks:

  • Change sheets
  • Cull/toss old magazines
  • Empty all the trash
  • Dust/polish furniture
  • Clean mirrors and doors
  • Vacuum all rooms
  • Mop kitchen and bath

When you do the dusting you aren’t to move everything and dust under things. Just dust around pictures and decor. When you vacuum you aren’t detail cleaning around all the corners, you are just doing the main walkways and most used parts of the room. This is the same for mopping. There are other routines and zone cleaning you will do during the month where you will detail clean.

I struggle with getting distracted and being too much of a perfectionist when cleaning.

This caused me to get burnt out and only end up with one area of the house clean. The weekly home blessing helps me to stay focused on the goal and get it done. My home feels so fresh and clean when I’m done. It frees up more time durning the week to do other things because I’m not doing a ton of cleaning everyday of the week. And if people stop by unexpected, my house will be just a little more ready to welcome them!

Do you have a system that works well for you? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

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