Romantic Mini Vacation

Long over due quality time + a toddler = 24 hour travel!

My husband and I haven’t spent a night away from our son since he was born. He just turned one and a half this month. The time felt right for him to be able to spend the night away from us. He is still nursing but it’s not his main source of nutr

ition anymore and we were only staying one night. He is very comfortable spending time with his great grandparents who live near us. He had so much fun with them he didn’t even miss us! After a little searching we found a super cute place in Plain, WA close enough to drive to Leavenworth for dinner and poking around the shops. Here’s a little recap of our tri


But first, coffee!

Our first Airbnb trip!

gypsy wagon our homestead living

We stayed in a Gypsy wagon! It was handmade by Andrew who owns this Airbnb!

gypsy wagon our homestead living

Such a charming and quaint little wagon.

Gypsy wagon our homestead living

The kitchen was stocked with everything you would need including a wood stove and coffee grinder you turn by hand!

Cozy little nook.

Closet on the left and bathroom on the right. Sleeping area in the back.

View from the other end.

Dinner and window shopping.

After checking out the cute wagon we headed into town and looked around the shops. We found a great place to eat dinner.

My handsome dinner date at Watershed!

My dinner and his. It was so good! And the best part was I didn’t have to do any dishes or cooking!!

The lights were so pretty!

S’mores and just relaxing by the fire! Much needed R&R.

We woke up to a dusting of snow!

great outdoors our homestead living


Yummy Acai bowl for breakfast.

What a fun mini trip it was! Not all trips have to take days. 24 hour travel can be super fun! We were glad to get back home and see our little guy. A big thanks to some awesome Great Grandparents for taking good care of him and giving us the opportunity for this break!

We really enjoyed staying in this Airbnb! If you want to experience an awesome stay like this you can use my link to sign up. Using my link (click here) gets you $40 to travel on booking your trip!

I really enjoyed sharing our trip with you! I encourage all the married couples to take time to make memories with your spouse. Make time to connect and just have fun with each other, kid free! You’ll never regret building and strengthening your marriage.

24 hour travel our homestead living

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