Floral Wreath

Spring Floral Wreath – Tutorial

My door needed a little spring beauty! This wreath is simple and fun to make! I found my supplies at Micheals during their spring floral sale and I used the 40% off coupon from their app. The discounts made this wreath very affordable.

1. Gather your supplies


18″ Grapevine Wreath

Dusty Miller Bush

Greenery of your choice

Rose Mix Bouquet


Hot Glue Gun


Wire Cutters

2. Cut Floral

Using the wire cutters, cut apart the floral and greenery stems. I cut them long to start and trim them as I go.

3. Lay out design

Now play around with the flowers and greenery. I don’t glue anything at this point yet. Just getting a feel for how I want them arranged on the wreath. Feel free to change your mind a thousand times like me!

4. Add the greenery

Now it’s time to start glueing down the greenery. I cut the length for each piece depending on where I’m putting it. Then I put a dab of hot glue on the end and stick it into the wreath. Simple as that!

5. Add the floral

Next glue the flowers into place. I like to group the three largest together and add the smaller ones on the outside.

Add in little pieces of greenery to fill out any empty spots between the roses.

6. Make the bow

You will need three pieces of ribbon for this. Wired ribbon works best. The first piece you will need is the top of the bow. Make a loop the width you want your bow. Cut to that length. Next measure out how long you will want the tails of your bow and cut that piece. Cut a small piece of ribbon about 2″ in length. This will wrap around the middle of the bow.

Pinch the loop to make the top of the bow and the tails right below the loop. Tie them with a string to secure them.

Fold the 2″ piece of ribbon in thirds and wrap it around the middle of the bow, right around the string you tied. Glue the ends to hold it all together.

Fold the tails in half and cut the ends at an angle.

Cut a short piece of ribbon and loop it around the wreath glueing the ends together. This is a loop to hang it on the door.

Floral Wreath | Our Homestead Living

That’s it! Hang and enjoy your spring wreath!

floral wreath | Our Homestead Living

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! Here’s a 40% off coupon to help you save on your next project at Michaels!

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