Cleaning Vintage Bottles

Have you ever went picking or found some cool vintage bottles from a thrift shop to use in your decor but they have ancient dirt stuck to the inside? And no matter what you try you can’t get them clean inside. Often bottle brushes just aren’t the right size. Well there is a way to get them sparkling clean and looking pretty on your shelf or mantle! Read on for the simple cleaning hack I use!

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You will need a dirty bottle.


Next rinse off the bottle and scrub off as much dirt as you can.

Now you can see the dirt that is stuck inside. My other bottle was pretty clean inside so for the demonstration I just used the little bottle.

Add Gravel

Fill the bottle with small pea gravel or smooth rocks to cover the bottom.


Add water, a few tablespoons of vinegar and a couple drops of dish soap to the bottle. Then sake it up. Swirl the rocks around all the sides of the bottle.

Almost Finished

Dump the rocks and water outside. Don’t put them down your drain!

That was easy!

Rinse and dry the bottles and you are done! Go decorate and give new life to those vintage bottles!

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